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An Effortless Move in 4 Simple Steps from 3 Men Movers

Wednesday, July 5, 2017   /   by Rene Sorola

An Effortless Move in 4 Simple Steps from 3 Men Movers

This is a guest post by 3 Men Movers


After 30 years of helping our clients get moved into their dream home we consider ourselves moving aficionados at 3 Men Movers. What we’ve discovered throughout the years is that a stress-free move is not only possible, it’s also surprisingly easy to create. Keep reading to discover four tips for a move that goes off without a hitch!

Start packing early and label everything

Our recommendation is to begin the process of packing at least two weeks out. This way you have the time to pack and stay organized while doing it. Along with boxes and packing tape, markers are going to be your best friend during this process. Ensure that you are labeling every single box that you pack. This will make all the difference when you begin the unpacking process.

Let the professionals do the heavy lifting

Take some of the weight off your shoulders by hiring professional movers. But before you make a decision on who you book your move with, make sure you do your research. Check out their online reviews and verify that their DMV number is valid using the Texas DMV site Truckstop. The moving industry attracts many fly-by-night companies. If you end up booking with illegitimate movers you could end up paying for it later in furniture damages, lost items, or even theft in some cases.

Make sure your movers know where to place your belongings

The benefit to hiring professionals is that they can place your belongings exactly where you want them. Ensure that your movers know exactly where to take each box and piece of furniture. The more informed they are on your needs, the less work for you later.

Focus on the positive aspects of moving

A lot of the time we focus on the negative aspects of moving, which is a shame because there are so many positive things that come with a move. You get to explore a new area, decorate a new space, and enjoy a fresh start. Hop on Yelp, find some local places to check out and take advantage of your new neighborhood!

In Conclusion

Whoever said moving has to be hard didn’t follow these four golden rules! If you remain organized throughout the process, hire pros to handle the heavy lifting, and remember all of the amazing things that come with moving you’ll get through the process stress free and with ease!

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