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Friday, March 24, 2017   /   by Rene Sorola


Bunker Hill, Heights, Bellaire, River Oaks....
Being some of Houston's most high-end and sought after communities isn't the only thing these neighborhoods have in common. This week, Rene Sorola Properties accepted offers in all four of these enclaves on behalf of our clients. And if that wasn't enough of an indicator that our luxury division is working magic in the market right now, every one of them went to escrow in 2 weeks or less!
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Tuesday, May 03, 2016   /   by Rene Sorola

Here are some top features that homebuyers are looking for in Houston

Do you have a house with a barn door, subway tiles and a game room upstairs?
If so, it’s more likely you’ll be successful at selling your home, according to a new report.

Zillow Inc. (Nasdaq: Z) analyzed thousands of home listings across Texas and found certain popular amenities and features likely helped sell homes faster and for more money than others.

Homes with features like barn doors can sell for a higher price — up to 13 percent more — and up to two months faster than homes that don’t have these amenities.
Here are some of the Seattle-based real estate company’s major findings for Houston homeowners:

Listings that mention the following words can be sold at a premium:
“Barn doors” or a rustic sliding door” — sold for 13 percent more than expected
“Shaker cabinets” — sold for 9.6 percent more than expected“Farmhouse sink” — sold for 7.9 percent more than expected
“Qu ...

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Tuesday, March 15, 2016   /   by Rene Sorola

When Do You Really Need a Real Estate Lawyer?

By Stephanie Reid
Price-conscious consumers are constantly looking for ways to snag savings. Be it a do-it-yourself bathroom backsplash or self-help legal documents, the current trend in real estate is shying away from enlisting a perceived-as-pricey professional. However, some projects are too complex, valuable, or regulated to take on as a layperson — and the result is often a frantic call to the local plumber or electrician.
In the legal realm — particularly the transfer of real estate — there are definitely times when an attorney is not necessary, and the transaction will most certainly process without the assistance of a real estate lawyer. However, certain states mandate attorney involvement (or at least prohibit non-attorney over-involvement), making it unlawful to participate in a real estate settlement without a licensed attorney presiding. And certain transactions are too complicated, costly, or stressful to go it alone.
Here are four ...

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