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Lanier Middle School9

Houston, TX | Harris County


January 7, 2015

I'm not sure why there's so many bad reviews here. Maybe a new principal got in and fired everyone. Or maybe the negative reviewers confused this place with some place in Iraq or Pershing. Actually, this is definitely the best school in Houston or maybe a close second to St. John's depending on your priorities. No, most teachers aren't uncaring, and the GSG thing is something most other schools should learn from. No, very few people are racist or judge you for being poor (very few people do that anyway) Actually, most people are really supportive and care about you Yes, there are many kids who don't want to be there and are just screwing around but that's true in every public school, and most private schools. Many of the people here are really smart and go on to really selective high schools and colleges And why should the school be shut down? The building has peeling paint, but tons of schools do (some older ones in New England take pride in it) I'm really glad I picked this place instead of T.H. Rogers

June 5, 2014

Alright, yes, Lanier isn't a PERFECT school,but it is definitely an amazing one (yes, I am a former student at Lanier (and I'm moving on to Bellaire HS)). My teachers throughout the years have been kind and very good at teaching (besides my 6th grade science teacher and 7th grade math teacher (who I think taught elementary school before he taught 7th grade), and the administration is very helpful with any problems you have (schedule issues, bullying (if any), etc.). There are also foreign languages that challenge the students as much as their core classes do, and electives that are very enjoyable. Now, you may be wondering why I gave this school 4 stars when this looks like a 5-star review. Well, to be honest, I feel a little bad for the students at Lanier now because they are doing some changes (for example, merging vanguard and non-vanguard students into the same cluster). It feels a little pointless and that's what made me remove the 5th star. In conclusion, I recommend this school for any student who wants to be challenged in the Vanguard program, or any future middle-schooler who wants to be challenged in general. Go Purple Pups!

May 21, 2014

I agree with many of the reviews. Lanier is not for everyone. This is an excellent public school for G/T kids in a large, public school district. No school gets everything right all the time, but if you are evaluating middle schools, I would encourage you to tour Lanier. There is no hard-sell, and I don't think anyone affiliated with the school would encourage you to choose Lanier if it isn't the right choice for your student(s). Our family has been able to appreciate the overwhelming balance of positives at Lanier: diversity, evenly-enforced disciplinary policy, professional leadership, differentiated instruction in an IB framework (this alone has been invaluable), and a wonderful community of students, parents, administrators and teachers. Are there teachers that could improve? Yes. But if you can cite a school that rates an all-star staff by all their students, I would say that you have found Utopia. If your kids are interested in challenging themselves in any number of areas, I think Lanier may be a really terrific option for them.

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April 12, 2014

I am a student at Lanier and I recognize due to the fact that I am not white my voice probably means nothing but I just don't care anymore.The teachers are terrible and dont teach the only way to get good grades for high school is by knowing the information prior to entering the school.It really hurts to see really smart kids failing because the teachers can't teach at all.I have been called many racial slurs by students in Lanier and when you report to administration they completely ignore u.There is no academic rigor only academic stupidity.After going to Lanier I have become a little racist and an egotistical idiot.I have all A's and im in the Vanguard program,trust me it isnt a a challenge (Ib algebra).Pup Pride is really white pride.I hate this school and cant wait to leave.

April 9, 2014

I would advise any parents with talented kids NOT send them to this school. The principle is very unprofessional and teachers are very self-centered. Their stupidity will easily ruin your talented kids.

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March 15, 2014

I would not at all recommend this school to anyone. My child is gifted artistically and excels in a particular artistic talent, but that was not encouraged at all at this school or the director of the program. The 6th grade Science teacher did nothing but taunt and berate my child, who did need help academically. The principal was standoffish and rude when I tried to speak to her about issues he was having. I felt very alone and isolated a not so traditional family, even though this school is in the middle of Montrose, one of the most diverse, supposed open minded communities in Houston. I was so happy to get my child out of this school...

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March 13, 2014

Lanier has been a fabulous school for my 8th grader. We have seen her 'grow up' here and develop skills, intellect and confidence. It may not be suited to every child. For kids who are motivated and bright this is a great school. The best things is that each teacher has an individual style which they are free to express. Teachers here have low turnover and like to stay because they are allowed by the administration to bring their own persona to the teaching. This is great for the students who get to interact with valued and respected teachers.

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January 13, 2014

children to spread lies about other children and taunt students who partake in an incident which got them in trouble with a non minority and let the non minority get off scott free. They state that they have a 0 tolerance for hate and that is true if you and your child were born full-blown white. If not-will be overly punished to make an example of and taunted on top of it by the administration. This is not a school that I would recommend to any student who is not white and who does not kiss up to the administration. They do not create a safe environment for all students nor protect them and encourage all teachers, faculty and students to promote peace instead of hate. I give this school 5 thumbs down if you are concerned about and fair, and safe learning environment. There are lots of other middle schools who actually care about the well being of all of their students and this is not one of them.

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September 13, 2013

I am a recent grad from Lanier Middle School and I am currently attending Debakey HSHP. My time at Lanier was a wonderful experience, meeting great people and having awesome teachers. It really prepared me for the hardships of high school and my transition from Lanier to Debakey was almost effortless! The leadership program is great, and will help your child in the course of his/her life. Go purple pups!!

August 1, 2013

I'm a parent of my student, and after what my students gained from this school. I would recommend to any active, motivated, and bright students to join this school to build a very strong knowledge for his future.

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July 24, 2013

I have been SO DISAPPOINTED with Lanier after researching so much & deciding (according to ratings & test scores) to send my son there. He just finished his 2nd yr there & we are getting out for good! This school does NOT care about teaching your kids. They just care about getting passing grades to make themselves look good as a whole! We worked so hard to teach good ideals & hard work ethic to our child & this school just wiped all of that out of him by giving INFINITE number of chances to make up homework, redo tests, hand in projects weeks after they were due. Even when we requested they not give that type of treatment to our child, they still did it. One teacher told us our child "talks too much & doesnt do his work, but all in all he is not a bad student. Your son is very good-looking & that will get him far in life." WHAT???!!!! And that's only one of the ridiculous responses we received when trying to stay involved in our child's academic life & be supportive of his future. DONT send your kids here if you care about them growing up with good values & work ethic

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April 5, 2013

My daughter will be leaving Lanier this year, she is in 8th grade, and I must say it has been a great ride. The curriculum is rigorous and there are such great extra curricular activities to keep the students motivated to do well. I feel Lanier has prepared my daughter for many years ahead of studying, discipline and hard work necessary in High School and College.There were late nights, tears and exhaustion but now my daughter is breezing by in knowing what kind of work to deliver, expextations to meet and responsibilities to fulfill. We were lucky to be accepted into the program!

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June 14, 2012

im a 6th grader going to seventh grade at lanier the beginning i didnt like lanier not because of the teachers or students because of me i made it bad for me because i would always get in trouble because of my actions but then my school counselour ms.ardlidge sat down and talked to me with my administrator so they could help me and they did so i actuall enjoyed lanier its wonderful helpful supporting and reliable. GO PURPLE PUPS SEE U GUYS NEXT YEAR. MY NAME IS KODY AITCH YOULL HEAR MY NAME ALL THE TIME NEXT YEAR BECAUSE IM THE STUDENT COUNSOL PRESIDENT AT LANIER CANT WAIT TO MEET ALL THE NEW FACES

July 25, 2011

i just graduated from lanier and i really enjoyed it. i was reluctant to go there because none of my friends were going but it didnt take long. everyone is really nice and the teachers are great! i was on the debate team and i really recommend it to someone who isnt 100% sure which elective they are going to take! the debate team has trained me well and i am currently ranked second in the nation in extemporaneous speaking the winner was also from lanier. if you are considering lanier go! you wont regret it!!

December 10, 2010

I have a 24 year old son who went through the vanguard program many years ago and currently have a 12 year old in the 6th grade vanguard program...I am finding that although the there are many perks (ie, ethnic diversity, good fine arts programs, many athletic opportunities, lots of extracurricular opportunities, minimal discipline issues and great parent involvement) the most important aspect (academics) seems to just be alot, alot, alot of work. Not necessarily advanced, higher thinking or challenging work...simply more regular leveled work. My daughter is telling me that the only class she feels might be at the vanguard level is math. I am also finding that several teachers give out alot of regular leveled work and yet sometimes themselves fall short of grading or giving proper preparation and proper credit for what is assigned. But this one thing is true...the reputation for being a top school filled with many top students is solid and that carries alot of value all by itself...plus my daughter loves it!

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